What is Social Media Marketing?

Pod Concepts is the go-to social media marketing agency for for your business. We propel your business through social media platforms,influencers,online media and more to increase awareness for your brand and products.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing refers to techniques that make use of social media connections to target groups of consumers so as to increase awareness for a brand or product. Social media marketing is a consistent effort to establish presence and maintain connections on various social media platforms and people on it.

Pod Concepts: The Digital Agency for Social Media Marketing

At Pod Concepts, we take pride in having a deep understanding of your products, services, target marketing and competitors to carve the best social media marketing strategy. We partake in the below strategies to make sure your brand gets the most exposure and awareness :

1) Audience Insights Research
Audience insights research is to gather sentiments from your target audiences what they perceive of your industry, brand and competitors. We gather the feedback, questions ,misconceptions,and interest areas with regards to your type of product or service. We’ll look into the topic of interests and current trends for your target market to provide a proposal on how to maneuver your social media marketing campaign.

2) Custom Posts Through Social Media Channels
Pod Concepts in-house creative team works with brands and businesses to craft custom social posts that promotes their products/services and are designed for sharing. Content ranges from humor to inspirational, and comes in various formats, lists to quizzes, infographics, and cinemagraphs.

Custom posts are crafted in an authentic voice that communicates the product’s/service’s benefits, and inspires people to share.

3) Article and Video Creation
Pod Concepts’s creative content team produces original articles and video content designed for your brand. With a dedicated staff and production studio based in Singapore, we aim to produce content that propels your business.

Every business has a story to tell, and we create viral content out of it.

4) Social Discovery
Social Discovery is the process of discovering news and information through social networks and feeds. Pod Concepts’s social media marketing team specializes in this process and promotes branded content through native ads on social networks. With the ability to target specific audiences and serve them content they would want to engage with, Social Discovery is proven to boost user engagement with advertiser content and is included as a line item in every social media marketing program at Pod Concepts.

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