How Our Customized SEO Strategy Help Your Business

Improve your website’s page ranks to get more leads. SEO consultants at Pod Concepts customize SEO strategy for each business to get the best results for you.

How Does Our Customized SEO Strategy Help Your Business?

Every business’ services,products,competitors, marketing techniques are different, so does its SEO strategy too. At Pod Concepts, we understand your business in depth to customize the best SEO strategy to get to the top of ranking results and stay there consistently.  Through thorough keyword analysis, content creation, backlinks,etc various strategies, we get your website to where you need it to be and get new leads easily.

SEO As The New Marketing Funnel

The internet has revolutionized consumer behavior, and for businesses, this meant what works in the past many no longer work now.With the help of our SEO consultants, a startup may surpass a 10-year-old company just by leveraging on the internet, because that’s where consumers find them.

Welcome to the digital age of sales and marketing, where lesser costs and time gets you a larger consumer base. This is where our SEO consultancy can assist in, earn more but spend less. When consumers searches for your product and services, chances are they need it, the issue who is the one providing them. Our SEO consultants will help you appear before others, thus you are the one closing the deal. We have eliminated the costs in ‘net casting’ to advertising to people who do not need the product or service.

Our SEO Process

At Pod Concepts, our SEO consultants create a process, combined with SEO tools, to improve your page ranks exponentially.

1. Website Diagnostics

We run website diagnostics and analysis, solving canonical issues that arise when redirects are not done properly. This meant that search engines access your website from multiple URLs, potentially indexing them under different URLs and making your website looks like it is made up of duplicated content. This harms your site’s indexing with Google and thus page ranks.

We also analyse the site for issues such as lack of author,alt,title,and meta tags, if internal links,robots.txt, ror.xml, sitemap etc are properly set up.

2. Keyword Research

Using tools like Google Keyword Planner and under your consumer’s search habits, we research for the best keywords for your site’s SEO to ensure your business’s success.

3. Competitor Analysis

We research on your competitors, what keywords do they use and what’s their traffic like.

4. Local Business Listing

Creating a local online presence is important as Google uses that to judge the authenticity of your company.Thus we will create local business listing for you on various local directories.

5. On-page Optimization

This process conditions your website for SEO. Programming is done to solve issues in process point 1 so that SEO efforts done can be accelerated. Google Webmaster Tool will also be set up.

6. Campaign Activation

We kickstart SEO here and you are on your way to see your website rise up the ranks dramatically.

7. Ongoing Site Improvement

We constantly track the performance of your website rankings for the list of keywords, and improve our SEO procedures along the way. We also improve your website, so that when traffic improves, conversion also increases. People who lands in your website are more likely to take sales action.

8. Ongoing Link Building

Backlinks are an important factor to SEO, thus we will keep on building that from various sources to keep the page ranking high.

Let Pod Concepts do the nitty gritty work of SEO for you, so you can enjoy the fruits of your website being top on search results with amazing leads and sales!

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