Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Pod Concepts is a digital marketing agency that specialise in SEO, Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Marketing.

What is Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?

Search engine marketing is commonly called pay-per-click , ppc, or Google adwords.SEM is one of the services a digital marketing agency provides. It is the promotion of a website through paid advertising to increase its visibility in search engine results page (SERPs) for chosen keywords.

Why Pod Concepts ?
We are the experts in digital marketing and are Google Adwords certified. Through conscientiously crafted ad text, we provide high ad quality and thus you pay less for more clicks. With better ad quality, your ad gets ranks higher, thus higher click-through rates but you pay lesser. We help you save up to 60% of costs yet increasing your web traffic by 200%. So why not leave it to the internet marketing experts like us?

By targeting the right audience ,constant tracking of results and refining the marketing campaign , Pod Concepts markets your business effectively over the internet , to achieve results that exceeds traditional marketing (tv and print commercials) but yet at much lower cost .

Digital Marketing Strategy
Pod Concepts strives to understand your products and services before conducting any digital marketing campaigns, so that we know who your target audience and competitors are and will be able to create the most effective digital marketing strategy.

By effective digital marketing strategy , this means that we do not stop at just giving you high traffic through search engine marketing. We also want to provide high conversion for your website. Conversion means a sale or enquiry action. We conduct site analytics and diagnosis, as like what we do for SEO (link to SEO Process page). We solve canonical issues, properly indexing your site with Google, and check if author,alt, title,and meta tags, internal links,robots.txt, ror.xml, sitemap etc are properly set up.

We’ll do an on-page optimization after above diagnostics is done, so that your website runs at optimum level and will be ready to receive the traffic (and thus business) that is coming in after our SEM campaign starts.

We’ll conduct keyword and competitor research to ensure the most effective use of budget for the highest conversion.

We’ll also advise on web design to provide the best user interface and experience (UI and UX) so that with high web traffic, viewers are happy to stay on ,navigate through and make a sale or enquiry action.

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