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Product packaging design affects the product’s perceived value and marketability in more ways than one. Let us tell you 4 reasons why packaging design is important.

4 Reasons Why Packaging Design Is Important For Your Product

If you think a product’s packaging is simply wrapping there to product the product and nothing else matters, you are so wrong. Product packaging design affects its perceived value and marketability in more ways than one. Let us tell you 4 reasons why packaging design is important.

Product packaging plays a vital role in consumer buying decisions as it conveys information, from how it solves your customers’ problems to your company’s values. The packaging basically ‘talks’ on behalf on your product telling your customers how good it is before actually using it, thus it is an important communication tool. Marketing depends heavily on how well your product is packaged. Here’s why.

1. Brand Differentiation – Stand Out From Others

The market is flooded with tens of thousands of products trying to catch consumers’ attention. According to The Paper Worker, product packaging contributes to 1/3 of a consumer’s buying decision.

Your product’s packaging design has to stand out and differentiate itself from competitors’ to succeed. An example is a facial jade roller packaging box for our client, Tatsu Skincare, an Amazon seller. Instead of the common run-of-the-mill design of having an image of jade in front the box, we had designed big black-white stripes with graphics of watermelons. This instilled a feeling of healthy and refreshing, which can be associated to that of a jade roller, which main function is to cool and tighten the skin, reducing wrinkles. The overall design is visually striking and eye-catching, which is important among a sea of products in a marketplace like Amazon. And sure enough, the product sold well on Amazon. Pod Concepts was even tasked to design all its listing images on Amazon, .

2. Consumers Are Influenced By Colors Easily

Colors are simple yet complex. The mix of colors can evoke emotions within consumers to affect their buying decisions. This is because the brain reacts differently to colors.

For example, white often represents purity and simplicity. And multiple colors can represent vibrancy and energy. Dark colors can make the product look professional while lighter colors can make it feel young and playful.

Understand your product’s target market and demographic, then choose the right colors that relates to your consumers. This is important in capturing and engaging the right customers.

3. Packaging Design As A Marketing Tool

Whether you are an Amazon, Qoo10 ,etc online marketplace seller or physical store seller, your product’s packaging design may help to market itself during in-store advertising.

If packaging design is done correctly, the brand will be recognizable and they will remember it the next time they shop for such a product. Once or twice seeing it, and they might buy it the 3rd time they see it,  even if you are a new kid on the block ,ie new brand.

Consider what you want to tell your customers through your packaging and they will listen even if you are relatively new.

Brand Recognition Via Packaging Design

Try to recall your favourite products and their brands, do they have something in common? They are highly memorable. This is what we call brand recognition, causing people to associate brands with certain emotions within them. When such feelings are evoked for a brand, it stays and studies have shown most people buy out of emotion and not necessarily out of need.

Do not change your logo easily because people have already recognized it and it carries a certain meaning to them.

Are you still contemplating about creating a stunning packaging design for your awesome products? You may check out our portfolio.

If you are in the food and beverage (F&B) industry and is looking for OEM manufacturers of your products, we are in contact with OEM manufacturers who can help you with recipe design and bottling/retort packing/canning of your products. We also provide food packaging materials besides creating designs for them.

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